Tip Memperbaiki mainboard Rusak

Mengukur dan Menguji Mainboard untuk menentukan kerusakan
Many of you question to me is: No need to learn correct mainboard, just know how to measure and accurately determine the main damage and failure in any place alone. <- That is the reason for this article.
Degree requirements: Graduate Voc. 
Minimum: to know or spend some custom metal VOM.
I. Plug into the main source and measure (not click the first source offline):
1. Purple wire must be 5V: lacking the resources to check the leave is not considered OK, OK, but if left plugged into the source of main pressure drop was then touched downloads watch elsewhere: usually Chip NAM, LAN, Sound, SIO ...
2. Green wire to a 5V (or 2v5 to ~ 5v): legs do not matter but without the power adapter 5V is very tired also. = 0V, the source because it must run, but not click switches that run power <- self-exciting sources of error.
3. A14 PCI legs have 3v3:

This is the true power before the chipset South 3v3, 3v3 take this chip does not work and make South he would not click the source. It takes usually 3v3 or touched by the 1117 IC die, die chip Nam.

4. Foot size ps_on have 5V power: When a 3v3, 32MHz quartz chip OK, the South will be directly (or through SIO) 5V click the button for a foot switch (the side tank question CPU) PS_ON. Loss of this size typically 5V or chip fault SIO Nam.

II. Click the source: <- Size is not the source, the expertise and skills on the steps themselves what damage the main conclusions lightly.
III. Click the source, the fan spins, the machine does not boot, not on screen, measured followed:
1. RAM Power Measurement:
DDR1: Truth No. 7 or the picture must be 143 feet 2V5:
DDR2: Must 1V8
DDR3: Legs 51 have 1V5
If RAM is usually caused by power failure or death dead FET oscillator IC RAM resources.
2. Measuring RAM BUS power (VTT) have 1V25 for DDR1
Losing power to Bus Ram: do not call it tit tit sockets, sockets to re but im not running (such as North chip error).
Without resistance, the measurement range foot 2, 4, 6 of DDR1 slightly.
3. Source chipset (with the common source of AGP / PCIX):
S Measure the mosfet power vacuum region between the two chipset must 1V5.
If you lose this source of power when you click away hot roasted chipset (even fresh always hot to death).
4. Power supply for CPU Vcore:
Measure at the base of the coil attached to the same socket CPU clock: from 1v1 to 1v8 ~
Loss of this source will cool CPU blades and make sure the motherboard does not run.
If you only use the VOM to this end. Wish stature successful Graduate diagnosis mainboard with VOM.

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